Upload Your Files with SSL Encryption

Use this form to upload files larger than 50MB to The UCF Print Shop when placing an order:

  1. If you have not yet placed your order, please submit your order first.
  2. Enter the e-mail address that was used in your order submission to The UCF Print Shop.
  3. To send a folder, please zip them into one file before uploading.
  4. Click the “Choose File” button, navigate to your file and the click “Choose”.
  5. Repeat #4 for uploading up to 5 files.
  6. Click the “Upload” button.
  7. You’ll receive confirmation that your upload was a success and the opportunity to double check your submission. Please note your submission reference number for your records.

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If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at hello@uploadthingy.com. We'd love to help out!